Camp Is Different Every Time

I just completed a weekend camp at Camp of the Good Shepherd.

The adventure began on Feb 17th 2014 when I asked Joel Burkum and John Woodward if I could help at camp. They were happy to have the assistance.

We planned and prayed. It was the first camp Camp of the Good Shepherd was putting on for High School no matter the camper count. As registration continued we only had about 10 registered. Total we had 15 campers total. I was blessed to have and understanding dean of the camp John Woodward who knew I was able to lead. He let me lead, decide plan, and adjust as things happen. What followed was in my opinion straight up amazing. Staff that was willing to do anything asked of them. Campers who bought in completely to me as the “assistant to the assistant to the associate to the associate dean” Auggie. The Band brought a heart to serve, to learn, to play for Jesus. The food was epic best camp food ever.

As we started we journeyed through the idea of Peter and his denying Christ and being restored to mend our nets. Micheal Johnson from City Impact in Lincoln was straight up epic in his talk. It was exactly what we asked for. Campers all responded to the topics and issues of the world revealed in a new way. Saturday Night was live with Mark Larwick brought what God was telling him. And Sunday morning we completed with a cross road to go left or right there is no indifference to what we know now. Through the entire weekend things just followed a plan that God not only delivered but executed for us.

We had passed ideas the month before about possibly having me helping next year. By Saturday afternoon John said, “Auggie you should dean next year’s week long camp.” We’d tossed that around but to hear the Camp Director say it really meant a lot to me. So it was offered and accepted that I’d be a dean next year and do a week long camp.

I am grateful for the opportunities that God has provided for me. With being a youth pastor in Council Bluffs it makes sense that I would dean a camp next year.

Have you ever been part of something so amazing that you can see how God guided it? How about just knowing what’s happening is God’s work?

I’d love to hear about it, please feel free to share this with others and comment below on what you’ve seen.

Digital Conversion: Journey to remove cable from our life.

A Few years ago my wife and I embarked on a journey to save money. One of the casualties of saving money was no longer paying for TV. What happened over the next few years was our progress from dropping most live TV and going completely Digital on our entertainment.

Our first step of cutting the cable is realization you no longer need something. Sounds simple right? Just like in any situation that someone stops something they realize they don’t need it. Dieters, Cable cutters, and more all realize at some point they no longer need something. Sometimes this is forced upon the person and sometimes it just comes out of want. Along with the realization that you want or need to remove it from your life comes the withdrawal. Withdrawal is really wanting something you were addicted to.

It became difficult as we were not able to watch what others were watching. We didn’t have that instant bond to talk to people about something they were interested in. It caused us to talk to people with more meaningful conversations. We’d ask about their life and families. We’d have to be more purposeful with what talked to people about. Doing so has caused us to become better friends with some people. Though it was a bit rough at the beginning we were able to make adjustments. We became a family without cable.

So there were positives to each decision we did. The drawbacks slowly became less and less. As we continue the journey we will go over why Roku was our choice for a streaming box. What happens when we add children to our household.

Is there anything you’ve decided to give up? Is there something you’ve felt left out on conversations because of something you gave up?

I’d love to hear about anything you’ve given up in the comments. Also would appreciate if you share this with friends and family on your twitter, facebook, Google plus and more.

Patience I Do Not Always Have

When I launched this blog I had every intention of adding new authors, getting more than one side of the story and building a community. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that on the web platform I was using.

First off is a great blogging platform. Beautiful simple to code for, even easier to write with. With all that being said it’s simply a blogging only software. It’s severely limited as it’s still in beta. It doesn’t allow multiple authors, doesn’t allow to future date a post, and it doesn’t allow you to spell check when writing.

It became annoying as I patiently waited for each new iteration of the software to be created only to see they were not adding the stuff above till 2015. I thought long and hard about it this summer and decided for right now I would go to wordpress till Ghost gets better.

WordPress has it’s issues also. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But like Ghost it’s allowing just enough stuff for me tinker with while I’m working on posts to keep me on it.

It made me think though are we ever impatience? Do we every feel like we are not getting the results we wanted? My answer to that is yes!!!! But how about you? I’d love to hear feed back on inpatients you’ve experienced lately?

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1 Room 4 People, Humbling

To beat a dead horse, since June 1st my wife, two kids, and myself have been living in one room in my parents house. I should point out it’s not like we are stuck in this room all day. We actually are in the house but as it goes for sleeping my two boys are on one bed. My wife is no another bed. Myself have been on the floor or a cot.

Why then is it humbling? Because I understand better why having a place to call home is important. So maybe humbling isn’t the word I was looking for but home is. See I haven’t had the abilitiy to just close a door and have time to myself. It’s been extremely difficult for everyone in the family to not drive each other crazy. It’s extremely difficult for my boys to not boss my parents and sister around to get thier way.

It’s also showed me how I can better serve my time during the day that I have free. I’ve read books this summer. Now these books are not educational but spy novels but I try not to hold that against me.

I write all this to say this, Do you value your home? Do you value your time with your family? Do you value what you have? I’ve seen over this time that I do value all the above but may not have till we moved in with my parents.

I may not understand why this has happened but I do understand that God has shown me what I will value. I appriciate everything family has sacraficed to allow my family to stay with them.

What do you value? What is it you value today? Is it what God has provided to you?

Christianity Is Not a Recipe

We can’t follow a list of steps and have perfection. It’s spelled out in the New Testatment from letters of people seeking a list of rules. It’s not like a Recipe where we read a couple verse of the bible, pray for 10 minutes, put it in the oven for four house and then presto instant Christian.

For example in the gospels someone asks Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother. I love Jesus’s response. He’s doesn’t tell the person 7 times but rather 70 times 7. Not only does he want this guy to think a lot but then tells the parable about how God sees it. And how when God forgives and then we go off and not forgive our brothers or sisters then we are dumb.

Forgiving isn’t the only thing we struggle with in the modern day church. It’s something that I consistently see in the church today. It’s really hard to do. I am not perfect at it. And I don’t have all the answer on how to resolve this. I’m perplexed as this is something that’s talked about in many churches across the nation but we choose to hang on to our pain of being wronged instead of letting go.

It’s not our job to administer absolute justice. It’s our job to follow Christ, His teachings, and example.

We can’t do that if we are looking for a set list of rules or a recipe on how “Christian” I am.

Challenge time. It’s time to reach out and let go. Reach out and talk to that person that’s wronged you. Step 2: give it to God and let it go!!!!!!!

Not easy, not something that happens over night but something we need to work on instead of hang on.

Let’s just give it up now, not tomorrow, not next week, today.

Can we all think of that person and reach out?

Up Till Now


What my family has been through since last June has been crazy. It’s been something that I can not explain with out the word God.

To be brief I started school last fall and through many various adventures will continue going to school at Nebraska Christian this fall.

This year we will be on campus. This year my wife and I both with have jobs in Omaha. And for the first time We will be doing a ministry in the same town that we are living in.

We are so excited for this journey to continue but I would be lieing if I said I am not scared. This journey freaks me out.

But this journey isn’t about me. It’s about serving God. It’s about answering his call. It’s about doing what he asks.

It’s about being more than me. Have you ever been part of something that’s more than you. Have you ever attempted to be more than who we are?

What is God calling you to do? What is it that you love to do? Are you doing it? What is stopping you fro doing it?

Today think about it, pray about it, and See what God has to say.

Pray Fervently


A while back at a church we attended we were all challenged to pray fervently. My wife and I began to do just that.

For those of you who don’t know what fervently means ” exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling.” Another way it was said to us is pray like you care and are passionately seeking answers.

We began to do so, and I even printed off a list that we placed on the wall opposite of our toilet so we could spend quality prayer time during our bathroom time.

Our list consited of the following:
Auggie’s School and stresses with going back. B (our foster) and his home life to normalize.
Caitlin to Find a job
A place to live as a family and still attend college
A place for Auggie to serve as a youth person.
And our house in Beatrice needs to sell

I can honestly say I’ve seen God show up in big ways in all of these as we continue on in our journey of praying fervently.

As it goes with school and stresses biggest thing is I completed a year of school and understand what it’s gonna take to do more.

B our foster is living with his bio dad and grandparents and we couldn’t be more happier for him.

Caitlin starts a new job in Omaha at a school where she will be working with E.L.L. Kids in preschool.

We have a place to stay on campus for the next year and will be happy to spend time in the same town as we are working and I am attending school.

As of last Sunday I was hired by a church in Council Bluffs that sought me out to work with thier youth.

And we’ve begun the final stages of a short sale of our house in beatrice for someone who’s looking to flip the house.

All of this didn’t just fall in my lap and some of this has been 3 years or more in the making. I can just honestly say this.

Prayer is a great way of communicating our hearts, wants, and needs to God. And God does listens and answers in his time. Please don’t just pray a short prayer and call it good. Continually pray with passion on seeking the answer.

Do you pray fervently? Do you passionately seek the answers? Love to hear what you have to say.

Making Mistakes

As much as we attempt to not do it, sooner or later we will all make a mistake or make someone angry.

It’s an issue we all deal with. We burn bridges by letting people down.

It’s how we handle it when we it happens to us that will help us in the future. Its how we handle someone being rude being a jerk to us that will show many others what type of person we are.

It’s also how we act when we are making the mistakes and being a jerk that will show people the type of person we are.

I’m not perfect and I have made many mistakes. I think there’s something to the way I used to act and the way I act now when things happen.

I’m not perfect. I don’t claim to be. But I attempt to do everything I can not to burn the bridges I have buld.

We are called to be light of the world. Even when we are being a jerk we can act in a way that can glorify God.

Have you burned bridges? Have you mended and started to rebuild bridges?


Every time I attempt to put a limit on God. Every time I attempt to say well God isn’t wanting me to do what he’s shown me in my prayer time. Every time I begin to want to do things on myself, God shows up in a way that can only be God.

See we up to this week were just throwing stuff at the wall hoping that God will bless something we were doing for on a place for stay. This after having dreams and during my prayer time with God hearing God wanting us to live on campus next school year. Every door we opened seemed to shut and every conversation since Febuary about moving onto campus ended the same way. Nothing is opened right now and probably will not open before school started.

We got to the point we looked at many different apartments and found one that was just up the road by where my wife would be working. It was a little out of our price range but we thought maybe God would bless us there. Then just a couple days ago as we were taking our kids to the park, my wife got a call informing us that an apartment on campus would be opening. We would be able to live on campus just like God was telling us in our prayer time.

See I tried to do it myself. Instead of relying on God I wanted it done my own way and my own time.

See Since June we’ve been living in my parents spare room. All four of us. One room. It was very humbling. I think my wife and I had lessons to learn that could only be taught in this situation. Some of them we didn’t really learn till we went to camp and were forced to interact with many different personalities.

Its really something to sit back in awe of God though. I can’t really thing of anything more amazing than God. I can’t explain what’s happened in my personal journey, family life and marriage without saying it’s God.

In the song above there’s a part that says, “I can’t explain it any other where it’s God.” And that’s how I feel about the events of my life over the last 2 years. He’s had a hand in everything I’ve done in my entire life. And the last 2 years he’s really begun to push me in the direction he’s called me to be. Doors have opened that should have shut. Adventures were possible with people I needed to learn to love.

Has God shone up in your life recently? Is God truly doing amazing things in your life?

Look today and tomorrow on the freedoms he’s given. Look today and tomorrow on his hand in your life.

I’m guessing you can see parts of your life that can only be explained by God.

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