It’s Not About the Stuff

I recently finished a different blog post about blessings. My point was that God’s blessings really have very little to do with our comfort here on earth. While often we are blessed with those kinds of things, the point is not to be more satisfied here in this temporary home. On the contrary, the point is to recognize the loving Father we have and desire to be with Him even more.

There were several things that led me to this train of thought, but one was that I recently bought a house. My first, actually, and I wasn’t even planning on it. I’d been living in my apartment quite happily for some time. I’d looked at houses once before but nothing had worked out. I grew content where I was at, satisfied with what God had given me, and knowing He’d change things if He wanted to.

In the back of my mind, I had a list. Really, it wasn’t even a list because I wouldn’t have dared even make it that tangible. They were tiny dreams, really. Dreams that I would never utter aloud, let alone ask God for. They felt too trivial. I had the important things in my physical life – a roof over my head, transportation, food, family, friends… I wanted for little. To ask God for a house where all the appliances were included (since I couldn’t afford to buy new ones) seemed a bit…well, presumptuous, really. To ask Him for something like a front porch felt like it was taking things too far – no one really needs a porch. Room for a flower garden? Again, it felt trivial. I didn’t need flowers, even if I did enjoy them. How about a tiny yard since that’s all I could manage to care for? Or a porch swing? Now that would be a luxury, and I’d never think to mention that one.

The non-list went on. They were just little things tucked way down deep inside my heart that perhaps no one else even knew about. Except God – even though I’d never even talked to Him about them.

You’re probably guessing where this is going, and you’re right. A little house came on the market. Totally unplanned, I looked into it, and, to be honest, I was rather overwhelmed. Not just with the thought of owning my own home but with the fact that it was precisely what I’d desired in my heart. As I type this post, I’m sitting on my porch swing on my front porch, looking around at my flowers and my tiny yard. And that’s not all the house came with that fit my physical needs and wants.

But the point isn’t that I got what I wanted. The point is never about stuff. Like I said at the beginning of this post, it’s not about the things of this earth. No matter how much I love this home (and I do), it will not last. I may have it for a day. A year. Maybe the rest of my life – who knows? But even my life will end. My yard will die. My flowers will wither. My porch swing will eventually rot, and the porch itself will cave in. All these things I love? They are temporary. That doesn’t stop me from caring for them, of course! I’ll fix what I can and continue the upkeep because I’m grateful for what I have, and I will take care of it. But it’s still “stuff.”

As thankful as I am to God for giving me my unspoken desires, I am more thankful to know He loves and values me that much. I don’t think I needed to buy this house. I don’t think in the grand scheme of things, it will change the course of history because I bought it. Rather, I think God was simply giving me a chance to have this new adventure with the small list of things I’d always thought about. Even so – even with the security that comes from owning my own home – I now feel less at home in this world than I ever have before. It has nothing to do with being ungrateful. It has to do with recognizing how awesome my God is, and wanting just that much more badly to be with Him. He cared about me enough to see to the littlest details – and what that has done is make me want to know Him more. As much as I love this little house, I want so much more to go to my eternal home.

I know there’s a reason I’m here on earth, even if I don’t know exactly what all that entails. But I really, really, really want to meet Jesus face to face. I really, really, really want to see God – my Father who has blessed me so much.

It’s not about the “stuff.” It’s about the love. It’s not about being content on earth. It’s about being discontented enough to thirst for what’s to come. I am so blessed in this life. And I am so thirsty.

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My awesome mom

We all have stories about how awesome our moms are at this or that.  My mom is awesome at many things.

My mom would start her day at 2 am when I was in high school.  She’d make donuts, cookies, bread, and many various other baked goods that were ordered for the day.  Sometimes on busy days she would start at 9 pm and not be done till 7 am.  Sometimes we had to chip in and help.  

Then my mom would go to work at her other jobs.  She played piano for high school music teacher. Worked as a help at school.  She cleaned many businesses.  And the thing that amazed me was she never complained.  

She did what she needed in order for us Muellers to survive and have food on our table.

My mom also sacrificed sleep in order to watch me do sports. Whether cross country, basketball, or other activities my mom ensured she was there to cheer on her son.  

I am thankful for how awesome my mom is.  She truly loved on all us kids and now has become a truly Amazing grandma for her 9 grandchildren.
Thank you epic and awesome mom

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Over the past few years I’ve really gotten into the atmosphere of Soccer fans. There’s something different than in 2002. It’s not a bunch of people sitting there smug quietly watching the game. It’s not just 100 people just barely being heard over a foreign crowd. In fact over the last 5 years USA has hardly played a match at home where their fans were out numbered. (more…)

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