Lately I’ve been on a learning kick. I go through these periodical phases where I simply crave to learn something new. Usually these phases don’t entail a particular interest – I just want new information. Generally, the more random, the better.

Up until recently though, I struggled to find the right places or subjects to delve into, so my cravings went unfulfilled. Then I started investigating online educational courses. I found everything from dog grooming to business management to yoga. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Granted, my wallet kept a tight rein on me, but I felt like I was discovering a whole new world.

My first goal became to find some affordable courses that, no matter how random, would actually benefit me in some way. I ate up my first photography course like I was chowing down on a bowl of Fruity Pebbles after a month of sugar deprivation. Not having studied since high school, the tests, albeit fairly easy, scared the spit out of me, but I loved learning all about cameras, kinds of photography, the mind-boggling world of aperture, and how to avoid bad shots. I followed that course up with another one on photography that was far less intense and much shorter, but it helped me retain vital information.

Still in a learning frenzy, I latched on to an interior design course. Talk about random. I had no idea there were so many categorized design styles, types of curtain fabric or flooring choices. Already having a creative mind though, I loved the lessons about color, balance, and flow of furniture arrangement. I finished the course with a satisfactory score no desire to be an interior designer by trade, and a new appreciation for creativeness inside a building. Best of all, I’d topped off my craving for information.

Ahh…but I spotted a DIY home improvement course. Sweet. Oh, and a pet psychology course. That could be fun. Apparently my current craving cycle isn’t quite satisfied yet.

As I consider my want to learn though, I remember an important lesson – more important than photography or how to fix a kitchen sink. In the words of a classic Petra song, “garbage in…garbage out.” Whatever I put in my mind will later overflow, even when I don’t realize it. In my search for information, I need to be careful that the subjects I choose are not contrary to what God desires. I don’t think I need to replace an interior design class with a Bible study. But I do need to make sure what I learn does not contradict what is right and clean in God’s eyes. And I do need to remember not to neglect continuing to learn from God’s Word, no matter what other topics I’m studying.

Whatever I learn, God is still the number one priority in my life. If I could never learn another topic, I might be sad, but losing out on that would pale in comparison to losing out on a relationship with my Creator. Keeping and growing that relationship is the most important thing. So I’ll learn. I’ll study. I’ll probably pursue some even more random topics and devour them like yet another bowl of Fruity Pebbles. But I refuse to forget my priority.


I love to make conversations awkward.  partly the reason I do it is because  I want to test how people react.  But a large part of what I do is to keep people to not feel comfortable. 

why make things awards?  It shows how people’s or will act when put in a situation where they are not knowing what’s going on. 

It’s my litmus test of personalities.  It shows me what I can expect from people when things are not in their control.  

This often shows that people are not quick thinkers.  People just usually stand there and either blow off what you say or walk away.  

One more reason I like to do this personally is this is youth ministry.  You are often in awkward situations throughout the aspect of youth ministry.  There are often no times to think and reaction is required. There are times that staying quiet and praying about it is required.  

I need a balance of how people react with awkward situations in order to have a well balanced ministry staff. 


Among the tragedy of “90’s Christian” Music there were some amazing song. Samson by Ghoti Hook is one of Them.

this song really made telling the story of Samson fun. actially beyond fun as it had a sense of humor to it.

If you actually read the account of Samson there is something there that is missed when reading it for Sunday school lessons. You see an arrogant, pompus, ladies man.

Yet in the new testament he is listed as a man of God. why? I don’t have exact answers. But i can say God is God and what he requires is our faith in him.

think about this what do you think?

music you should know

  somethings I grew up on is oc Supertones. the thing about them I loved above all other bands specially during the late 90’s was their message.  The message never changed. From day one till the day the disbanded they played music for God, about God, while telling others about God.  Their show filled with the gospel.  their music held nothing back by playing music that put God’s word straight up in your face.  While other bands have wimped back and held back the message of God they continued to put it so boldly in your face. 
if you don’t know the music maybe it’s time you did