First Crush (Part 2)

(if you’ve not read the first one please do so here.)

Despite all this, I found myself still having a crush on Jaqueline. I found myself thinking about having real conversations with her, that didn’t involve me on the ground crying like an infant in the fetal position. I would love not being scared for my life when I was within 50 feet of her. I began to plot and think of how to achieve this goal, how to not get beat up by Jaqueline on a daily basis, and finally on a Monday night it came to me. The plan was simple yet shocking. It would definitely throw Jaqueline off her game. The plan would definitely change the relationship we were having. Only in my mind would getting beat up by a girl be considered a relationship. In no time I had planned this idea out in entirety, and as I drifted off to sleep, I knew it had to be carried out by Friday afternoon.
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This Haunts Me To This Day

It was a day like any other day as most stories begin. That night my dad and I were going to the races. This was great thing for me as it was a time With just me and my dad. We were living in Calhoun Kentucky in late fall. As far as I remember it was our first adventure to the races since moving from Nebraska. It was a blast to watch and as the night went on it was also extremely cold.
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Notification Free Experiment

Last Monday I took the advise I had read on a website. I turned off all my notifications. At first I was questioning what this actually accomplished. First couple days was a complete failure. I learned there were a couple things I needed badge icons for to check for it. Also I learned it turned the ringer off and that makes it darn right silly not to have it ring.
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The Left Handed Prejudice #lefthanded

Right handed society is being prejudice against the left handed minority since the beginning of time but no one is standing up for left handed awareness. Prejudice meaning – harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment. Left handed people for far to long have sat back and let the right handed people beat down on them. Yes I there are way more right handed people in the world than left handed. But out of the left handed people we have actors, inventors and world leaders who have altered our way of life over the last 30 years. Don’t believe me? Let’s name a few.
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Worship with all you have

Worshipping with all you have. Sound easy right? Or is it?

Recently I went to a Jr High Weekend event hosted at the college I attend. (Nebraska Christian College) Let me tell you it was great. Now it was lots of kids jumping and singing and raising their hands all for God. That’s great to see. But then there’s me. There’s this dude who sits and is still as he can get. He’s as quiet as he can get. Continue reading