What Do Our WISHLISTS Say?

Have you ever heard the statement similar, "You can tell a lot about someone from (insert statement here)." This is one of those statements.

You can tell a lot about someone when you look at their Wishlist. I truly believe that. I didn't really think much about it till I was updating my wish list. ( Can view mine right here http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1L3QBND569TXL/ref=cmswrtwws_9O3swbEBTNC10 ).

At first glance of my Wishlist you may see someone who watches way to many movies and dreams of playing video games again. And someone who hasn't grown up. This may be true but I will attest to the fact that it's not all entirely wrong.

I do enjoy movies. I enjoy breaking them down and seeing how they were shot. How they develop characters. How bad the bad guy actually is. It's just the way the brain I have been blessed with works. The big thing is I do love movies and will watch them over and over if I have the chance.

I also love to play video games. It's a way to immerse yourself in a story for hours a at a time. It's like a really long movie as most games are 20 hours or more of play time.

Why do I bring up Wishlists? It's a genuine way of showing who we are without asking or answering 100's of questions. people can see my wishlist and see I love movies, technology and video games without anyone even having to ask.

Take my boys' wishlist. (can be found here https://amzn.com/w/17MMG5L1HJNA8) With out even asking you can see that the wishlist is simply and easily about toys and fighting things. They love to play star wars, dragons, and fight millions of imaginary dudes to save the princess who's in another castle. But just looking at their wishlist you can tell what they are interested in.

Now when I was their age my wishlist was much like theirs filled with GI Joes, He-Man, Cars, Trucks, Many various other toys. But as the time passed my wishlist changed. I changed in what I liked and also grew out of the other things. I can remember being about 10 years old and wanting a huge Ninja Turtle sewer playset. At the time it was huge. I recently saw in in person and it barely goes up to my knees. At the time I also didn't understand my parents couldn't pay for big things like that in price. I just assumed that you went into a store and said for my kid's christmas and they gave it to you. But as time passed I kinda figured out what my parents would afford to buy for me and figured out budgets for my wishlists.

Growing up in often extremely hard to do. We go to God with our wishlists and get angry and mad when it's not fulfilled in the time frame we desire and the stuff we request. First of God isn't Canta Claus. Secondly it's more about if we see growth with our wishlists. As time passes our wishlist with God should mature. We shouldn't want the other things we wished for when we were an infant in Christ. We also should be more in tune to what God is asking of us and our wishlists of Him become more intune with his Kingdom.

All this stuff said about wishlists to say this. Is your wishlist with God maturing? Are you becoming more in tune to His calling in your life? In not then maybe you need to stop and re-evaluate the relationship you are currently having with God.

God's not a genie, not a funder, not a secret Santa. It's the king, The only king, and ruler of all heaven and earth. He's the one who created us by speaking. He's the one who loved us so much he conquered death with giving his son. He's paid it all.

So my question now is, do you ask for what God asks?

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What We Did Last Night Nov 18th

Rory's Story Cubes
Story cubes site: https://www.storycubes.com/
app: https://www.storycubes.com/apps
from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=story+cubes&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=92492318368&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9873374427943799259&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&ref=pdsl3a0aeftqenep4

Galatians 5:1-16 : https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians+5%3A1-16%2CGalatians+5%3A16-26&version=ESV

Away from You OC supertones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4pE3Kmkxsc
Furious By Jeremy Riddle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=behoFhOb61s
Ain't NO Rock :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqNHxfD7Qic

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Social Media Done on Purpose Part Two


I've begun this adventure of doing social media on purpose. The first things I did on social media you can find here. (found here http://auggment.me/social-media-purpose/) The second part of social media isn't about me but about building a "name" or brand of consistent voice.

What does this look like in the aspects of Social Media? Well for me the aspect of consistent voice has to start with me sounding like I do in person. There's no mask hiding behind the keyboard. There's no difference in voice from my blog, twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They all must sound and read the same. This is a must for myself to stay sane as well too. It's far to easy for myself to hide behind a keyboard and create a character for the social media I participated.

The second part of the consistent voice is far more difficult for me to explain. I can't post everything that pops in my head. I have looked back at my twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. I'm ashamed of some of the posts I've done. The Filter I have seems to be off sometimes. It's not a voice people should hear and from past experiences it's not one I think anyone cared to hear.

But there's more to this too. There has to be a consistent voice that has to be found. My voice is often fast, quick, off the top of my head, and out my mouth before flying around. This isn't good for a voice of our social media. So I've had to take breaks. Sometimes two three day breaks, sometimes as long as a month. I've taken really good breaks and sometimes really hard breaks. In doing this I've not only had a game plan for social media but also a better and concise voice. This hasn't always been the easiest thing to admit but a break is needed to find voice.

And finally the final thing with a consistent voice goes back to the old blog boom of yester years (when blogs were gaining audiences and people could make money at it.) The consistent voice requires a game plan of what is allowed and what is not. For example sports in small amounts is ok for an audience I've built up. But if I cover to much or I talk bad about certain sports I do get called out on it. One for too much coverage and one for hurting someone's feelings. All that has to be taken into consideration before posting. What is it you are going to post? Who does it benefit? Why does it matter? Who would read this? These questions are a great way to start a plan and help create a great and consistent voice.

The One question I have been asked is why does this voice thing matter? Because it's how you "win" social media. What do I mean by that? It's not a game I understand. But "winning" social media means that we are captivating enough that a complete stranger will not only follow but interact with us on the social media. You follow anyone who seems to be winning the social media times and they all have something that many of us over look. The consistent voice and game plan. They post what their audience wants to hear with just enough personal stuff to make you feel like part of the family.

So how can churches apply this. Don't be unemotional promotional machine. that's what signs and billboards are for. Be interactive with a consistent voice while having a gameplan. Post to your demographic and to those who you don't know yet. Post what is important and personal to your church without embarrassing those involved. And most of all make it about God. Those things are needed to create and great social media experience.

What do you think? Did I miss something? Do You have something to add or subtract? Love to hear what you have to say on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.

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What Converge Did Last Night in 60 Seconds

We played the Game Poop Deck. Rules can be found here http://www.playworks.org/playbook/games/poop-deck

We did an activity and acted out Galatians 4:21-5:1 to their favorite narrative. It really was a test to see who could figure out there's a narrative story in what Paul was saying.

We reviewed what is said in Galatians 4:21-5:1. That all are free and that God is for everyone.

Link to Galatians 4:21 - 5:1

Finally we did Three Worship songs with just an acoustic guitar.

River by Jordan Howerton Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CT26M3fD4o (we do it a little faster)

Ain't No Rock
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Dv2XhKIcY (nothing Like this one)

Here's My Heart Lord

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Social Media Done On Purpose Part One


What if Social Media isn't where we post rants and continual political views and agenda. What if we don't use it to post how we are being persecuted. What if our social media was used in such a way that we even in our worst days glorify God.

This is a few questions I have been pondering since the end of September. It really pressed me to go beyond just thinking and by the second week of October I was adjusting my social media.

I took Facebook and unfollowed everyone that posted stuff I didn't want to see. Too many cats, Too much politics, to much teen drama cause me to unfollow (but still keep at a friend). It really eliminated nearly everything on my Facebook but "inspirational quotes" and funny memes. Why do this? Because social media doesn't need to be filled with junk I don't care about. I don't care about your opinions of politics, cats, and stupid click bate articles (articles that have a leading statement to make you click it). I also eliminated a second account I had been using as a ministry Facebook. Though this was a tough decisions I only really used one anyway. After removing all this My feed was filled with stuff that wasn't depressing. It wasn't full of clutter and things of people I didn't care to know are need to know. It was what I could benefit from. It was something that is not a waste. Facebook became useful.

My twitter I deleted all the accounts that were annoying. All the ones that were not very personal and had a "social media" person behind the account. I was down to 25 people I was following. I continued to add people but keeping it to solid set of rules. My twitter has been a breath of fresh air void of "experts", those who want to be read, and those selling junk.

My Instagram I purposefully dumped all the youth from my account. I got rid of many various people also. I started just following a couple people. I added youth ministries as well as people who seemed to post more personal images and less bland stuff. Finally I ensured I followed my interests and not just random people who followed me. Soccer, youth ministry, and Music or Movies.

I also purposefully have stayed away from many different types of newer social media. Snapchats, what's app, yikyak, and many other various ones. There's so much splintering going on in social media that it's becoming horribly hard to held accountable for your interactions with those. In youth ministry that's dangerous.

So my entire social media presence is filled with more of what I want with less clutter. All the silly posts of dogs, cats, and stupid political agenda stuff is all ignored and if I see one person completely filling my feed with to much of something I unfollow. I do research. I do everything I can to stay up to date on things I care about and need to know for elections and news. I also do my best to take people who pound their right or left wing stuff down my throat to be ignored. I don't just do it with politics but also most things I don't care about. Why? because I'm attempting to do social media on purpose.

This is just my step one of my Social Media on Purpose. It's our job to be Christ not a pharisee or sadducee pushing our agenda. It's our responsibility to continue to attempt shine the light of God not our own. In changing the way I blog and do social media. My goal is to have people say hey Auggie is a pretty good dude to follow. So what about you? What is it that you are doing? What is it you are posting? Does it reflect who God is? Does it reflect who you are? What's it's agenda? I ask all this to bring up an idea. You are what you post. ... do you see that?

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One Of Many Things I've Learned in Youth Ministry.

Some may approach this as a well duh moment. Or yeah so. But honestly I feel I myself have overlooked this and blown over this as a well duh or yeah so moment. In doing this I find myself not able to grow as a minister because I don't do these things.

When doing new things we will consistently have to be patient as we train all who are involved. This is a duh moment but it's honest.

I find myself often overlooking this obvious moment. I'll give you an example. We've recently started a Wednesday Night Kids ministry that is much needed. It's exactly what I thought it should be and started praying for last year at this time. As it started I understood I would need patience. But I didn't actually have patience. I needed time to help train all these people who have been trained on Sunday to be trained this is Wednesday night. I failed at this. I didn't. I got upset or let it bother me that I needed to be patient at waiting for these people to learn. It's not something they will learn over night.

The hardest part is this is how people will see us a ministers. I'm intense and during this time I've approached this all in the wrong way. In doing this I've gotten a lot of people looking at me like who is this intense weirdo. Because I wasn't willing to consistently be willing to train those who are coming on Wednesday Nights with patience.

So are you doing this? Are you taking steps and evaluating this with yourself?

What does this look like for you? I'm happy to report for myself, I took a step back apologized to a lot of people. I've also taken many steps to prepare myself to have patience with those around me as we train them up.

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The Guantlet

I'm not talking about the video game or the stuff we ear. But rather I am talking about the Gauntlet that each and every church has. And I am using it as in we are currently "running a Gauntlet."

Whether we realize it our not the people of our church create a gauntlet that new visitors have to walk through to enter and attend services and programs in our church. Depending on how the church you attend is set up is arranged, built, and set up for visitors is vitally important to helping them feel welcome. This doesn't apply just to one time of the week, day or month. This is every time your church doors are open. And it's even more intimidating to youth and kids.

Before we get into the gauntlet to much we need to understand that what i am saying is what you are thinking.

Webster's Dictionary defines Gauntlet as the following, "go through an intimidating or dangerous crowd, place, or experience in order to reach a goal."

Now the goal of most visitors is to meet with others believers for God or to See who this God guy really is. This is nothing new. The gauntlet isn't something new either. It's always been there and always will. It's our job as ministers to recognize this and try to lesson the gauntlet.

This gauntlets is amplified for those who lack confidence are feel awkward in larger groups. And by the way, this defines many youth of today. In fact is was a youth who brought this to my attention at the church I'm currently serving at. If there is 10 adults staring as people entere there might as well be 2 million because that's what it feels like to those who lack confidence or are teenagers. Imagine for a moment with me. You are a youth about 14 years old. You are not as confident as others and feel when people, specially adults you don't know, look at you that they are judging you. Then imagine with me you have to walk between anywhere from 10 to 30 of them on any given night for your first time at youth group. Imagine again if you would that you do this and one of the adults stops you and talks to you for a brief second. Your are already feeling uncomfortable and scared. This could be a reason you will never go back to a church.

So why do we need to recognize this and try to make it less intimidating? Because if people can't let their guard down then they will most likely go somewhere else or to something else. And for some reason God sent that person to your church to know him.

It's up to use to Eliminate our gauntlets. Not by telling people to leave, but having people be more friendly. Greeting those that come within a certain distance. Have people continually be more welcoming by letting those who come that are new feel welcome by telling them thank you for visiting. By doing everything in our power to get the stares at new people to smiles at new people.

This isn't an easy thing to do. For example at the church I attend people love to sit outside in-between services, before Wednesday Night activities, and after Wednesday activities. There's nothing wrong with this at all. I actually encourage it. But I've had some teenagers who've attended who felt they were being judged by the adults as they entered and felt very uncomfortable. This hurt me as I felt there was nothing I can do. After much prayer and considerations I've come to conclusions I need to try. First thing is I need to be in that gauntlet attempting to smile, greet and welcome anyone who's coming in that day. I also need to be ready for visitors and introduce them as we walk through the mass of Adults. Finally I need to encourage and develop others adults to come along side this task. They need to drop their guard and encourage everyone who comes to come back again.

I do not anticipate the gauntlet experienced at my church to change much quickly. But I do recognize it now. And I have a game plan to attack it head on in order to show who God is more to those who do decide that going through it. Please join me as we take steps to eliminate the gauntlet in churches all over.

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Proclaim Recording

I will have a more through review of Proclaimonline.com's Proclaim presentation software at http://churchm.ag next month. This is my initial thoughts of using it's recording features while using Proclaim.

For those who don't know Proclaim is a presentation software built for churches that's got either a monthly fee or a yearly fee. But more on that in a future post.

Proclaim Recording is a new feature currently in beta. At first glance it seems to be missing lots of features. But once grasping the simplistic approach the recording is something one doesn't need to worry about turning on and off.

First features of Proclaim recording that I really enjoyed is simply adding the recording cue's. For example if you want it to start recording after the music you simply go to add and over to start recording and drag it there. Same goes to adding ending. You may choose to end it after the sermon or possibly after the last songs. You just go to add and then record stop and drag and drop it where you want it.

Simple easy and you don't need to forget to start or stop it. We put up a blank slide between the cue's in one of our services and some verses between other services and it recorded seamlessly.

When I went to close the presentation it asked me to upload or edit recording. It's pretty simple allowing me to add a graphic, change the name of the speaker and message title as well as a brief little bit about the sermon. I loved this. It also allowed me to trim or cut off parts of the audio I didn't need such as some dead air at the beginning as things were set up on stage. Also one thing that was kinda neat was when the slide would change then it would show up in the audio so the person listening could hear it.

Overall I feel that the recording is a breath of fresh air in the integration into the presentation. It's not perfect in anyway but it is refined enough I'd use it as my primary recorder. Overall I look forward to using it more and getting a better grasp of what I can and can't do with it.

If you want to try proclaim you can download it here. http://bit.ly/1MXxQLi

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Do You Know Who I Am?


Do you know who I am??????  that’s what the video above says.  It’s a wrestling who says it better than anyone else I’ve ever seen.  But that’s not the reason I choose that video.  It’s in how he says it. The reason he says “Do you know who I am?” as if he’s important and we should listen. 

Why would I choose this?  Because we all feel that we are important.  We all want to matter.  Not just be known but to be famous or important.  We wish to have our voice that has weight and that people value.  We want to matter.

Recently at the school I attend they had a thing during mental health week that was going around stating, “every story matters.”  I truly believe that but that’s a loaded statement that feeds the ego of western society.  I has us to understand we matter.  Not just matter but that we are truly important. Though everyone matters not everyone is important.  I’m sorry if everyone is important then why can Joe Smoe from Nowhere Midwest run and win president.  I’m horrible I know.  It’s really the truth though.  I don’t want to soft coat this.  It’s just the truth not everyone is important.  It’s not saying you don’t matter.  Everyone really does matter.  But not everyone is important.

Why say all this?  Because it’s vitally important for me to say that I’m not important but I matter.  I started this blog in the effort of writing and putting a voice out there that people could find and hopefully relate to.  But how can they relate unless they know who I am.  So let me ask this, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”

I’m a 36  year old Junior at Nebraska Christian College.  I’m a father of two awesome boys who were adopted in 2011. I’m the husband of the best woman in the world and the most beautiful.  I’m a tech enthusiast and keep up with what’s going on in that world. I’m a Youth Pastor at a church for recovering Christians and Misfit toys.  I’m a voice that’s different from many.  I’ve held down many jobs including pizza maker, pizza waiter, cellphone sales, retail at multiple stores and businesses.  I’ve worked by installing security, sound and video.  I’ve been a plumbers assistant.  I’ve been at a call center and been a lead/manager of people.  I’m all of these above.  But that’s not who I am.  In fact none of those truly define me.

I’m a former porn addict, I have no colon, I used to suffer from angry spells.  I had huge mood swings.  I have had multiple concussions and risk major injury if I get hit in the head.  I’ve broken my left thumb and ran a cross country race. I’ve sprained my knee multiple times and broken my toe and part of my left foot.  But none of that is who I am.

I’ve been irrational.  I’m very emotional.  The intensity that I have involves many people to say I’m scary.  I’m intimidating.  I’m often mistaken as being upset when I’m just stating facts.  I take things differently than many.  I don’t like to look people in the eye, I struggle with conveying a simple thought in few words.  But that’s not who I am.

When I ask, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” I’m asking rhetorically for the most part.  I’m a child of God.  Bathed in his grace.  I’m a sinner who’s got no chance to be saved if it were not for Christ.  Christ’s sacrifice allows me to have a personal relationship with our creator.  That’s who I am.  I’m not needed to be fixed.  I’m not needed to do be a certain way.  I need just to be ready to accept Christ in my life and be changed.  The change often comes with convictions in our lives which is good.

My whole point of this is who I am is also who you are.  Nothing but being saved by Christ.  We matter but are not important.  what is important is Christ.

Don’t feel like you don’t matter.  You do.  Don’t feel like you don’t belong. You do.

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Nerf war is on.... Let's do this #fb

Nerf war is on.... Let's do this #fb
Posted by Instagrate to WordPress

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The State of Auggment.me

For those who are reading this know I’ve been sporadic at posting.  I’ve abandoned my posting schedule.  I’ve brought some authors in to bring different of opinions.

I say all this as I must address something that’s going on in my heart about this site.  I’ve felt over the past few months that this site wasn’t what it needs to be.  I asked for friends and others I’ve respected to join me in the journey of writing.  I’m happy to say what they brought to this blog has been amazing and wonderful.  I’ve appreciated all their posts that have been contributed to the voice of auggment.me.

With all this said it’s time for Auggie to adjust auggment.me one more time.  Currently I’ve got no point to what I post.  Whatever trips my trigger.  But I’ve been convicted about not writing more purposefully and about what’s going on in this youth pastor’s life.

SO what am I going to do. I’m going to allow those who are continuing to blog on this site to do so.  But Auggie Himself will be blogging more with youth ministry and ministry in mind.   The tag line for this side will change to, “An auggmented view of Ministry.” As well as a weekly post on what we did this week Mostly done with pictures or video of what happened on Sunday and Wednesday.

Why the change?  I don’t feel there has to be this change.  There are plenty of great resources out there for youth ministry but I feel there’s something I can add or enhance with my experiences.

Along with those weekly posts on Thursday auggment.me will have reviews of games, applications and programs, as well as a things I think ministry could use.  This is just my repurposing what I’m doing and ensuring I can do it more for God’s purpose.  It’s more than just me throwing at the wall and hoping to see what works. I’ll also be having my Instagram posts going directly to this website and posting as full posts also.

I hope this will encourage and help you along with the journey I’ve been on to write.  All this will begin Nov 1st.  Along with the over the top changes I will be only guaranteeing new content every Thursday.

Questions reach on out and see what’s going on with me on twitter and facebook.

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This is my theme song today.  I don’t want to say that it’s my theme song every day.  And it’s not that I don’t want to deal with responsibility.  It’s I just want to mess around and have a blast with no consequences.

I learned a lot from MXPX.  I may actually try to emulate the way that they play the bass.  With all that said life with responsibility isn’t always easy.  Responsibility means that there are consequences for actions done.  There’s a reason many people throughout their life want to have no responsibility.  Because we can make mistakes without being punished.  This punishment comes when we talk responsibility.  Far to often I find myself claiming I’m not responsible for that in hopes I don’t have to deal with consequences.

Even if I don’t claim responsibility I still have to deal with the consequences.  What I mean is this. Even if I don’t claim responsibility people around me are affected and they give me the consequences in how they deal with me.  Most would call me irresponsible for not taking responsibility.

So my goal over the next few weeks is own my responsibility but also approach those who are not owning theirs with love.  By walking in hand with grace.  By not judging and throwing consequences at them.  But by attempting to show them grace. Unless they are unwilling to attempt to understand what their responsibility is.  If they sing this song as they progress in life then there’s nothing I can do about the consequences.  Same with me.  If I continue to sing this song beyond a few hours then there’s nothing people can do with the consequences that I deserve.

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You Put This Love in My Heart

I love the words to this song. Originally sung and written by Keith Green this song is a lift to my when I’m feeling pity party.

“I found it hard to believe, someone like you came for me, you put this love in my heart.”

I often realize how music can lift my spirits or bring me down. It’s all attached to the memories I have about said songs. This one isn’t attached to one memory but rather multiple memories of jamming out to loud music with my friends and family.

What’s your song that lifts you?

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I Am Not Broken


This photo with words captures the feelings I’ve had over the past few weeks. For a few day I was worried that I was broken.

I can remember being younger and having huge mood swings. I would chalk it up to being hangery, tired, youngest child and even just being different. When I got older it started to worry my teachers and I was forced to go to multiple sessions of counseling. The person I meet with asked me if I had ever been tested for Depression. This just make me feel weird. I am Auggie, the jumping around ball of energy how could I have depression. I never did get to an appointment to be tested for depression.

A few years later I was in college and went through the worst 3 days of my life. Everything I was attempting to hide was coming out. Then I tried to end my life. I don’t say this lightly. I say this to show how vast and wide my mood swings had gotten. Again while in a mental facility the psychiatrist said He’d like to make an appointment and check out if I had depression. I never made that appointment.

A few months later I was in hospital with ulcerative colitis. Was having huge mood swings one second I’d be laughing, next crying and the next wanting everyone out of my room. My doctor brought a psychologist with him no options. After a couple visits with him he told me, “You do not have depression.” I was shocked. Nearly everyone I had talked to up to this point chalked my mood swings the highs and lows up to Depression. This lifted a burden. I was no longer depressed. After meeting with him a few more times we was 90 percent certain I had ADHD. He also thought it was amazing that I had graduated high school with it’s severity.

He suggested I go on meds for it. I had been med free for 20 plus years. I wasn’t about to take meds then. But I no longer felt like my “depression” would be my crutch. I also felt that my ADHD wasn’t going to get the best of me. My prayer life changed then. I was able to concentrate better after months of prayer and already knowing how to deal with the ADHD from life experiences.

Over the Years my mood swings have been under better control. There’s days they get the best of me. But those are also the days my ADHD gets the best of me. The hardest thing for me recently has been realizing how I am not broken even though I have ADHD.

After 36 years on earth I’m still here, not broken, but blessed. I am not broken. So many people want to treat me normal or think that I’m over exaggerating my severity of ADHD. I wish I was. I wish I could concentrate like “normal” people. But God gave me this gift to do his work. I just have to utilize this gift for his Kingdom. The hardest part is admitting that ADHD gets the best of me. I lose control because my brain has processed things quicker and moved on and then I lose it. My frustrations and anger come out because in my mind it’s been hours since I’ve come to that conclusion and it maybe been 5 minutes.

There are fazes of my life, seasons of my months where I go around and feel like I don’t care. It’s not that I don’t care. And I hope you know you are loved for and cared for. But I process things just a bit different that appears to myself and you that I don’t care. I love many of you. It’s not that I lack empathy but I process it so rapidly sometimes it comes off as uncaring.

Just know this, I do care. I do love. I do want you to know I do this for you.

My point is this this. If you suffer. Don’t suffer. Be blessed. You are not broken, but loved. You Belong to God and in God’s family.

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Music You Should Know: Staryflyer 59

Somewhere between my punk rock and my loud screamer music came this musical scratch that had to be itched.

The person to do this was Jason Martin and more importantly his Band known as Starflyer 59. His overdriven guitars and over distorted sounds and under amped voice really made me smile. I first heard the song above and fell in love instantly. He’s had many iterations of the same band but one thing has remained the same. The guitar is the lead singer.

This is one of my all time favorites of his songs. The driving guitar and whispery voice just hit my like button.

This is my all time favorite of his work.

To me it’s like 50’s style with lots more distortion, overdrive, chorus and soul. You may not like it but it helped me and shaped my styles of music.

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