Nothing to Write so Here is Some Music

Have you ever sat down to write and just have nothing to write? I’m not talking about writers block. I’m not saying writer’s block. That’s something completely different. I’m saying I’ve sad down 3 different times to write a blog post and have nothing to write.

Maybe it’s not that I have nothing to write but more the fact I have nothing left to write. I’ve written a sermon for class on Wednesday. I’ve written my lesson for Wednesday night. I’ve begun to finalize writing the big project for gospels class and write 6 sermons for class. Plus I’ve begun to piece together the paper for Human Development class. There are 1,000’s of words out of my head.

So I feel I have no words left to write. And I’m not ashamed of this. I’m proud to write and started this blog to write. But I never did think there would come the day that I would not have anything to write.

So I fell today I’ll leave you with some music I’ve been enjoying recently.

Disciple – Attack this band has been going for a long time. I love their passion and music.

Digital Age – Rehersals vol 2 – these guys make me happy. music is good.

Social Club makes me smile. respect them a lot. good music and lovely beats.

Must Be Willing To Learn

Sometimes I forget I’m still new at my job as a youth minister. Sometimes I forget how much I have to learn. Saturday was one of those days where I learned I have to be willing to learn.

Not saying what I did was bad or horrible things happened. Rather lots of good things happened. But I had lots of little things that needed to be taken care of that were not taken care of until last minute. I also learned that I need to be willing to learn as this continues on.

We originally were going to the movies at 1:45 pm but the show sold out for a group of our size. See I anticipated at most 8 kids to show up. We had 20 total people with 16 youth. Our game plan was do what we needed to get stuff done. We divided up and moved stuff around. We raked the volleyball sand pit. We also removed about 10 bushes. I was extremely happy as the youth not only showed up but showed up to work.

With that being said I didn’t communicate as well as I needed with parents about somethings. I didn’t give the parents really any information about what was going on. This I need to change and get better at. Even a simple handout would be better. I also had a game plan in my head, but I didn’t write it out. This is a huge error on my behalf. If I did this I feel everyone would see how I had it planned.

I didn’t let people know things I assumed they knew. I didn’t do as good as I could at communicating with my wife about things either and I failed to realize people can not read my mind.

I say all this as I have to get better at this. I have to approach this with attitude of how can I learn from this. I sometimes get it in my head as I’m able to do this or that. I have to be able to see these situations and fix the errors.

Thankfully I have an ocd brain and am able to plan to as best as I can.

My question for you is do you approach ever situation with “how can I learn from this?” Even if it went near perfect there’s always something we can learn. The hard part about this is often it pushes us out of that comfort zones.

Happy I have a page or more of notes to do things better.

What do you think? Do you learn from situations and events you go to?

Serving With Love

This is a hard thing for me to say. I am in need of good serving events. I am horrible at it. I often use the excuse of my bum elbow (which is legit) hurts and I don’t want to do the work.

I’m currently putting together Ideas for service project in the ministry I am leading. I want our group to learn what serving with love means. It means getting no recognition. It means no praise comes. It means serving for God not your own.

See Jesus walked this earth is and while he did his ministry all he did was serve. He healed, talked, and discipled while being mocked and consistently under the microscope from the “spiritual leaders” who hated him. Those he served were for ever changed.

Why are we not serving more.

I was reminded recently about Skate for Change and what they do. It’s simple skaters skate around giving homeless people water and socks. And the sad thing is that these skaters do more than most churches and people of the church do to serve the homeless. I have no proof of this but know it’s true in my heart. Why because a lot of churches I’ve come across have a leadership more focused internally and building buildings than focusing on the area around their church.

On July 5th 2014 I was hired as a youth minister at Northwest Christian Church in Council Bluffs. I see a church that’s learning to serve. And as the youth minister I feel we as a youth need to get involved in the serving too. It’s beyond that. The community around us is in dire need of being served. But how can we serve if we don’t know what serving is. So on November 8th we do our first service project day. What will we be doing? I have no clue. But I know it’s serving a church body that loves them. I’ve seen so many people who serve with love for the youth that I can not help but have our youth serve back.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you serve or just watch as things happen.

First Crush (Part 3)

(if you have not read the First Part or Second Part Please do)

Within an instant, like a bullet released from it’s cartridge screaming out of a barrell, I ran. I sprinted with reckless abandon and only seeing Jacqueline’s blonde hair as a target. I must have been the weird, with my knobby knees and toothpick frame. I had to resemble a broken kite flying down the sidewalk screaming a weird and wild tone that may have resembled a cat dying slowly. I didn’t care, I had to finish the plan. I had to catch them before they finished walking three blocks or my plan was foiled.
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What’s with cussing?

I truly do not understand why people must cuss. Why do they feel not only do they need to or that they can. Christians over the last few years have begun to increase in this idea that there is a time that you can do it. But it’s not just the “dirty 4 letter words” that is cussing. Let’s look at the definition of cussing from dictionary. ““offensive words, or religious words, used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things”, or behaviour showing similar disrespect
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