Front Row Few

Recently our youth at Northwest Christian Church in Council Bluffs IA have stormed to the front rows of our church.  IT got me thinking about the Front Row Few.  Go to any concert and go to many “worship Events” like passion you will see people jamming the front row.  Pretty much nearly every live band playing has people pack the front row.  The excitement level runs high and people often pay out top dollar for the front row for paying events.  But Every week there’s front rows empty and no one seems to want to get close in any way.


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Wiggle or Waddle

I was teasing my wife the other day that her wiggle had become a waddle.  She’s 60, I’m 65 and both of us are feeling the effects of our age.   As I thought about it, I had to admit that I am “waddling” in many areas of my life as well.   I see my eyes growing less effective at seeing the fine print.  I can’t hear what people are saying, especially the medium tones.  I gave up ladder climbing about a year ago because the bifocals distort distance and I’ve missed steps a couple of times.


But I suspect waddling is more wide spread than any of us would like to admit.  There are all kinds of areas in our lives that we used to be able to hit the mark when we were younger, and now we find ourselves happy to get a near miss.


Waddling is not the end of the world.  Understanding new limits in our lives as we age and mature is critical to our success and happiness.  When I was a young man 8 hours of strenuous labor was not a big deal.  Now, if I can 4 hours in, counting two or three breaks, I feel I have had a good day.


Its all about understanding limitations, and stretching ourselves as far as we can.  Its about living in reality and at the same time pursuing our dreams with eagerness.


I believe God made us to wiggle and to waddle and gives us the strength, the abilities and the vision to do both and to know which one best fits our life right now.


I know people who have waddled for many years, and understand that a slower pace is what they can do.  It is their real limit. They accomplish, even excel at that waddlers pace.


Others of us have been given the gift (or maybe the curse) of wiggling our way through life. So when we start slowing down, we are very aware of the change that is occurring.  Both the waddlers and the wigglers have much to share. Both can excel in their level of abilities.


So wiggler or waddler – approach your life with gusto and enthusiasm. And enjoy your life as fully as you know how.

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Put It In Your Head & Heart

As a pastor I like to read! I think it is important to understand who you are and also improve your life of sanctification. Here are some articles that inspired, help or taught me over the past few weeks. It is my prayer that Christians begin to take a proactive approach to learning more about their faith than allowing others to do it for them. We need to read good things that improve our walk with God and our service to him.


Love – Paul Tripp lists 23 things love is.

Plus One Approach – Interesting approach to getting people involved

What an Effective Leader Looks Like – A great article on Church leadership by Brad Powell

Nine Concerns about member withholding their tithes.

Shall We Read Jonathan Edwards? – Yes!! Some of my best friends are dead guys!

24 Free Books – Here are 24 free ebooks from Desiring God.

Toolbox for Skillful Shepherding – I really like this helpful little chart for pastors.

Tabletalk – I love this Magazine and I have subscription to it and it is totally worth it. Here are six reasons why.

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